#In the press  |  23 January 2020

‘S-HERTOGENBOSCH 20 January 2020 – AESC, a specialist in software for the manufacturing industry, is going to collaborate with Metal Heaven and now also offers Rhodium24 to its customers. The online quotation tool with customer portal for metalworking companies is only just on the market, but appears to be the solution for AESC to support the industry with versatile calculation software. AESC and Metal Heaven show Rhodium24 during TechniShow 2020 at Jaarbeurs Utrecht, in booth C0024 in hall 10.

Timo der Kinderen, owner of AESC, and Ed Klijsen, commercial manager at Metal Heaven, are pleased that AESC will represent Rhodium24. “The range of AESC is large,” says Der Kinderen. “Yet we still lacked online calculation software with a web-based portal function, with which companies in the manufacturing industry can calculate and quote efficiently. And that is exactly what Rhodium24 offers them. There is a huge demand for this in the market. ”

Joining forces With the cooperation between AESC and Metal Heaven, the two parties benefit from each other’s expertise. Where the software engineers at Metal Heaven continue to develop the functionality of Rhodium24, AESC offers the experience in marketing, sales and customer service. “Metal Heaven and AESC know the market well,” says Der Kinderen. “We are equal to each other as discussion partners. This will work seamlessly – also for the customer.” Klijsen also looks forward to working together. “It is very nice to get started with the enthusiastic and experienced people from AESC. We can both do what we are good at and strengthen each other enormously. ”

Rhodium24: a conscious choice
With the knowledge of the market, Der Kinderen also knows about other solutions like Rhodium24. “Nevertheless, we consciously chose this tool. Rhodium24 is the farthest, the functionality is already very extensive and advanced. The system is getting smarter thanks to deep learning. And because the software runs in the cloud, users don’t have to install anything themselves. ”Moreover, the price model is easily accessible and transparent, Klijsen adds. “As a result, any metalworking company can get started quickly with our independent calculation software. This could well become a game-changer for the industry, certainly with this collaboration.”

On display at TechniShow 2020
AESC and Metal Heaven show Rhodium24 in their joint booth during the upcoming edition of TechniShow. The trade fair for the manufacturing industry takes place this year from 17 to 20 March in Jaarbeurs Utrecht, stand C0024 of AESC and Metal Heaven is in hall 10.

About AESC
AESC was founded in 2007 based on the conviction that many software solutions within the manufacturing industry are too complicated, difficult and expensive for the intended purpose. AESC is based in ‘s-Hertogenbosch and helps companies improve and refine their working methods, with appropriate software solutions for relatively small investments.

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About Metal Heaven BV
Start-up Metal Heaven BV offers metal companies time savings and efficiency with smart cloud solutions. This is also the case with Rhodium24, with which companies can calculate and quote quickly and efficiently via a subscription. Rhodium24 offers an optional customer portal, also works without ERP systems and is unlimited scalable.

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