Don’t forget sales while developing towards Industry 4.0

#Blog  |  24 February 2020

How far is your organization in adopting Industry 4.0? The promise of this new industrial revolution is huge, with horizontal and vertical system integrations that make companies more productive, cheaper and more efficient. Connectivity is key in gathering, measuring and sharing all conceivable information. And that applies for the front of the chain as well. Because also there, towards sales, you can still seriously innovate. But how do you do that?

The impact of Industry 4.0 is unprecedented. Many companies are already making great and big steps within their design or production environment. Robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT) and, for example, simulations are no longer science fiction. Many investments are focused on the work floor and its management, less attention is still paid to the process prior to that. Because quoting and calculating, that is complex enough as it is. Or isn’t it?

Spend your time better

More and more metalworking companies are discovering that a quotation and calculation process can go faster than ever, thanks to the use of an online sales portal. Where the sales department traditionally opens drawings and gets to work with supplied files – such as counting, requesting and charging – a smart sales portal reduces these hours to minutes. Moreover, all relevant information and calculations are immediately available for use in the next steps in the chain.

Every mistake immediately obsolete

An online sales tool can greatly speed up the production process, that much is certain. The user also benefits from more certainty. If a requested operation cannot be realized, the tool provides immediate feedback about it. A mistake – no matter how small – is revealed immediately and therefore has no impact on the process in a later stage. With the use of the right online sales tool, a factory smoothly integrates the quotation and calculation process into the digital production chain. Internally and externally. Through the new, emerging online platforms, even fully automatic calculations, without user interfaces, are possible.

One integrated calculation tool

With an online sales portal, a company can reduce manual intervention or add data itself to the minimum. That is precisely why it is so important that a system is already able to generate as much data as possible from a request and supports many operations that a factory can handle. The tool must also be integrated and, for example, be able to automatically calculate with the most up-to-date committed prices at suppliers or other (manufacturing) partners. Of course, it applies that the system knows all the production possibilities of a factory and knows at what rates it must calculate those possibilities.

Independent and versatile

Rhodium24 is just such an integrated calculation solution. The tool can extract information from an ERP system, although you can also easily upload your company-specific variables via Excel. Rhodium24 calculates directly based on the geometries supplied, does this with your own factory options and variables and works independently of any machine supplier.

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