cloud safety
#Blog  |  11 February 2020

How secure is your solution? What happens with our data? Can really nobody access it? Safety is almost always a subject that interested people in Rhodium24 ask us about. Logical. And no more than rightly so. Security is also of the utmost importance to us. So we do everything we can to offer an application that is as safe and robust as possible, based on the latest technology.

Rhodium24 runs as a sales tool for metal companies in the cloud. That makes the solution easily accessible: an expensive and time-consuming implementation or IT infrastructure is not required. Instead, a company can get started quickly and on a subscription basis. However, we notice that the same cloud also raises questions. Because of all this customer data from companies: is it really safe in the cloud?What we guarantee …

Who uses Rhodium24 can count on several guarantees. For example, we let customers determine who has access to the application and with what rights. Customers also own their data, which remains available in the cloud and can only be downloaded by those who have the appropriate rights. The admin user is also the only one who can delete data.

… we also have tested.

We regularly check the guarantees on the safety of our architecture. This is done by independent safety experts, who have only recently assessed Rhodium24 based on all safety criteria. The conclusions of that recent scan show that Rhodium24 is a solid and secure application, with no risk of improper use or hacking. Some findings at a glance:

  • “During work, the emphasis was on intrusion into the system or access to projects from other companies. Our opinion is that the application has a very robust authentication system. The access control means that we do not have access to data from other companies or users. “
  • “All system components have been updated and cannot be attacked with injection of user variables, such as app fields or files.”
  • “The SSL configuration is excellent and there are no recommendations for improvement on this topic.”
  •  “The mechanism for downloading and uploading files works properly and has all necessary validations and access controls.”
  • “We have not found any vulnerability in the area, just some suggestions for further improvement.
  • Security as a continuous process

A cloud application such as Rhodium24 requires a major responsibility with regard to safety. At Metal Heaven we are well aware of that. That is why security is an integral part of our business operations and the development process. We stay ahead of potential improper use and hacking with the latest technologies. Periodic external audits and automatic tests and also ensure continuous online security scanning.

Safety is paramount for every Rhodium24 user. Want to know more about this? Contact us, we are happy to tell you more.